Our projects typically involve cleaning, gardening, or other hands-on work that is not clerical or fundraising in nature. We are run by founder Lori Tsuruda from a home office and rely on charitable contributions from individuals to cover modest operating expenses, mainly for community service project development, tools and materials, and photocopying and postage to send monthly volunteer recruitment flyers.

PMD-organized community service projects enable first-time volunteers, experienced volunteers, and their friends, co-workers, and family members to participate in a highly motivated group that often transforms project sites. It is our hope that a positive, rewarding PMD volunteer experience will encourage further volunteer participation and recruitment.

To participate, please call or e-mail us to sign-up before the deadlines. You will receive confirmation and then the week before the project receive more specific information, such as what to wear and how to get there by public transportation (project sites are always public transportation accessible) and by car.

Note: when you sign-up, you must commit to participate for the full project day, enabling us to finish all the work we start, to leave a clean project site, to gather and clean our tools and materials, and to allow all volunteers to leave the project on-time.

Past PMD Projects have included:

Many, many thanks to the many PMD supporters who made this all possible!