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  1. Who is behind PMD?
  2. How do I participate in PMD Community service projects?
  3. Are PMD community service projects accessible by public transportation?
  4. How does PMD find projects?
  5. Are there any PMD projects during the holidays or late summer?
  6. My group wants to do a community service project. Can we participate in PMD projects?

    Yes and no. The volunteer opportunities advertised on the PMD web site and email list are geared for individual participants, not groups of them. Individuals must sign up themselves, and groups must have prior permission from PMD to advertise specific PMD volunteer opportunities to their members.

    PMD offers Corporate Partnerships for companies' and other groups' community involvement programs. Please contact PMD for sample projects and pricing.

    Corporate Partnerships involve one-time projects during business hours. PMD enables participants to work together as a team, enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and learn about and discuss topics of interest. With PMD's expert guidance, organization and planning, experience, and community connections, corporate partners develop successful projects and community relationships. PMD corporate partnership projects involve hands-on tasks, team work, and learning goals. PMD handles all details so that participants can simply show up and jump right in. Project selection and associated expenses are driven by a company's values, goals, timeline, and budget.

    PMD Corporate Partners include Novartis, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, and Alkermes. Please contact Lori Tsuruda at (*82)1-781-963-0373 or email Lori for more details about Corporate Partnerships at your place of business or in the community.

  7. Why can't I signup my friends to volunteer with me?
  8. Why do I have to sign-up by project sign-up deadlines to participate in PMD projects?
  9. Why do I have to provide my address and cell phone number to sign-up for the email list and for each project?
  10. Why can't I arrive late or leave early?
  11. Why do PMD email and project packets repeatedly discuss my commitment to participate in the entire project and the consequences of not doing so, losing my PMD volunteer privileges?
  12. Once signed up, why am I repeatedly asked to call PMD if I need to cancel?
  13. I have other commitments on Saturdays. Does PMD ever have projects on Sundays or weeknights?
  14. I would like to volunteer with my child. Does PMD organize any projects suitable for children?
  15. I am required to perform community service. Can I document my volunteer hours with PMD?
  16. Why can't I sign up more than one month in advance?
  17. Can I still sign up to volunteer if the sign up deadline has passed?
  18. Does PMD have a privacy statement?